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Before every tour, our staff will give you a short, but important, saftey brefing.
Once we are confident that you understand the rules of the water and the safe operation of the craft (don't worry, its not hard at all) we will all be on our way. We encourage you to take the time now to get your boaters safety certification at the link below.

Things to know about waverunners


They won't steer without power

As a water-propelled vehicle, the controls won't respond unless you apply power. In other words, if you want to steer, give it some gas!


The wrist lanyard must be worn at all times

Its there for your protection. If for some reason you fall off of the waverunner, it immediately turns off the engine's power so you can catch up to it and re-board..


Knowing how to swim helps, but isn't necessary

Since every rider must wear a floatation vest at all times while riding, knowing how to swim is optional.


Age Limit

We feel 5 years old is a good starting point. Children who can swim and are comfortable around water will enjoy themselves more but it isn't necessary. We have children as young as three and four as passengers but they were very comfortable in and around the water. Parents just need to use common sense, please. You know your children better than anyone.


Medical Concerns?

If you have any medical concerns, please consult with your physician prior to riding, and be sure to advise us before we head out. We will do everything we can to make your trip as safe as possible.

What to bring with you:

Waterproof Sunscreen

We all need protection from the South Florida sunshine.


Our eyes need protection from harmful sun rays as much as our skin. Kids may prefer swim goggles to keep salt water out of their eyes.


You might want it to dry off after the ride is over.

Foot Wear (optional)

If we make a stop on the beach, you might want something for your feet. Flip-flop style sandals tend to come off when riding, and are not the best option.

Waterproof Camera

We take video and still shots of the tour, but you might like to take your own

Warmer Clothes for Colder Months

You will want a waterproof jacket or shirt to keep you warm. Slower paced tours are not as likely to get wet. Faster paced tours will get splashed more frequently. Cotton fabrics are not a good choice since they do not keep you warm when wet, and takes longer to dry.


Nothing keeps the harsh sun off your face better. Be sure to bring one that can stay on your head at 30-40mph. Many riders have lost their hats.

Water or other non-alcoholic beverages

A bottle of water will be provided for each rider but feel free to bring more if you wish. Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

Waterproof Bag

To protect your cell phones, key fobs, etc.

Requirements for Waverunner Operation:

In Florida, anyone born on or after January 1, 1988, who operates a vessel powered by 10 horsepower or more must pass an approved boater safety course and have in his/her possession photo I.D. and a boater safety identification card issued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. If you don't already have a boater safety identification card, the link below will take you where you need to get it. Its all done online and is quick and easy, but its the law!


Due to our insurance regulations, solo operators must be 21 years of age. As long as there is a person on board who is at least 23 years of age and holds a boater education I.D. card, and this person is attendant to and take responsibility for the safe operation of the vessel and to take responsibility for any violation that occurs during the operation, then another passenger may operate our waverunner.