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Save the PiƱa Colada for later, now its time for the vacation you always wanted!

Full Throttle Waverunner Adventures Delivers!!

You are like us, we can tell. You came to relax, but relaxation means something different than it does for most people, doesn't it? You want more out of your vacation than a spot on the sand or a slow boat around the island looking for wild life. You want excitement! You want an adventure where you are in control.

And that is just what we deliver. You take the helm of your very own personal watercraft and steer your way to fun... at speeds that can reach up to 70 mph, which is really fast on the water. You will still get to see everything Marco Island has to offer, you just get to see it while having an adrenaline rush to go along with it.

Our Tours are more than just a trip around the Island...

They are a trip around the island at FULL THROTTLE! And that is what makes them special. We take you for a ride that you otherwise might not be able to enjoy unless you owned the waverunners yourself. And that is a ride that lets you see just what these high performance personal watercraft are capable of. After a short safety brief, you will be off and running as we take to the waters of Marco Island and Goodland to see the Ten Thousand Islands like a local. There is all sorts of wild life to be seen in our travels, from manatees to dolphin to all variety of sea life. But the wild life is just one part of the wild ride.