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Save the PiƱa Colada for later, now its time for the vacation you always wanted!

2-Hour Full Throttle Tour Packages $270.00 per waverunner

This tour is designed for riders looking for a thrilling and adventure filled ride. We prefer one rider per machine due to the fast pace of this tour. The price is slightly higher than the Eco-Tour due to the increased fuel consumption. We will be travelling around the 10,000 Islands area with a minimum of slow speeds, as fast as we are legally

allowed to. We will never violate State or Federal laws when operating the personal watercraft, but that does not mean this will be a timid tour. We will reach speeds up to 50 mph (depending on weather and sea conditions) all while safely operating the craft. This will be the tour of a lifetime, taking you places not offered with the other tours.

Our Tours are more than just a trip around the Island...

They are a trip around the island at FULL THROTTLE! And that is what makes them special. We take you for a ride that you otherwise might not be able to enjoy unless you owned the waverunners yourself. And that is a ride that lets you see just what these high performance personal watercraft are capable of. After a short safety brief, you will be off and running as we take to the waters of Marco Island and Goodland to see the Ten Thousand Islands like a local. There is all sorts of wild life to be seen in our travels, from manatees to dolphin to all variety of sea life. But the wild life is just one part of the wild ride.